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Neighborhood Tips and Reminders

Sometimes we forget considerations for our neighbors and our responsibilities. Here are some remindrs and tips. Got a tip to share? Send it through the feedback page by clicking HERE.


Remember to check your mailboxes, gas lanterns and landscaped beds. We need everyone to make sure the outside appearance of their homes meet the neighborhood standards and covenants!

Click here to download a helpful brochure about car seats!

Want to get tips on finding a state licensed contractor? There is a letter from the Georgia Secretary of State's office with a phone number and web link to get information. To open the letter click link below.

Secretary of State Letter

Street light out? Follow the link to report it for repair. Be sure to get the pole number off of the light pole.

Try pressure washing instead of painting, it's cheaper and might get another year or two from your paint job.

Want to clean your gas light glass? Use a small suction cup to remove and reinsert the glass. Wear gloves when you take them out since it will be hot!


No resident parking in common areas or on grass areas.

Pick up after your pets.

Please remember not to allow your pets in others yards!

No yard signs other than real estate signs.

Keep your mailbox looking good.

Gas lights should be kept lit and in good condition.

Keep your plants and shrubs in good shape.

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